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Who we are?

Cannabis and Psychedelics Law Group LLP began as a collaboration between Paul Lewin and Jack Lloyd, two prominent Canadian lawyers in the realm of federal laws relating to controlled substances. As legalization and normalization of Cannabis and other controlled substances progressed, Paul and Jack were being asked by private individuals and small businesses to help navigate the turbulent waters of Canada’s emergent federal and provincial regulatory frameworks.

These files also required significant business, financial, logistical and corporate commercial legal and regulatory guidance for which additional team members were required. Michael Starogiannis and Daniel Perlin joined the team and Cannabis and Psychedelics Law Group LLP was formed with the specific purpose of assisting companies and individuals in navigating the complexities of Canada’s emergent cannabis and psychedelics regulatory frameworks.

Cannabis and Psychedelics Law Group LLP is a multidisciplinary team of professionals put together to respond quickly to Canada’s rapidly evolving controlled substance sector. While Paul Lewin and Jack Lloyd have deep roots in the legal side of controlled substances, Daniel Perlin offers decades of experience in corporate commercial law and business organization. Michael Starogiannis is an engineer and MBA with a wealth of experience in the construction and finance sectors and assisting start-ups with financing and business organization, as well as conceptual design for cultivation and processing facilities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the firm for advice on federal cannabis licencing, provincial cannabis retail licencing, and municipal planning and zoning guidance for your cannabis or psychedelics business. Furthermore, should your business require start up business advice, corporate structure guidance, financial and business planning, as well as planning, building and architectural guidance through the process of getting your cannabis or psychedelics venture started.

For further information, please call and schedule a consultation with the firm: 416-499-7945

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